1945 – Jio Oen Jaw started a coffee roastery SOEN LIE HIN in Binjai.
1970 – the name SOEN LIE HIN was changed to UD Segar Harum.
2005 – Our company ventured to premium export grade coffee.
2009 – We opened a distribution centre in Medan.
2013 – We exported our roasted coffee for the first time to Singapore.
2015 – We roasted with the best roaster in the world, PROBAT.
2016 – PT Dua Harimau Sumatera (DHS) was incorporated with the main focus to export Indonesia Coffee
2018 – PT DHS participated in SCAJ 2018 Tokyo.
2019 – PT DHS partcipated in SCAJ 2019 Tokyo.
2020 – We opened a distribution centre in Jakarta.